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Anne Orchard author of cancer book Their Cancer Your Journey


"Then you need to read this book aimed at cancer carers. It will support you, give perspective on your situation, and advise on practical issues. Once you've read it, contact us and we'll send you a free workbook too!"

Anne Orchard author of cancer book Their Cancer Your Journey


  •   In the UK over 280,000 cases of cancer are diagnosed every year
  •   In the US, over 1.4 million cases will be diagnosed this year
  •   The incidence of cancer continues to increase year on year
  •   One in three of us will be diagnosed with cancer at some time in our lives
  •   For every person with cancer there are many family members and friends whose lives are thrown into turmoil
"Oh how I wish this could have been around when my son was dying. I could have prepared not only myself , but my family too." Brenda H., London UK

This book is aimed at you

Self help books for cancer sufferers and books about cancer abound. There are stirring stories of survival, recommendations for treatments, therapies and diets to aid recovery. Some of these books also mention the effect that the disease has on those supporting the sufferers. However, the focus is always firmly on the person who has been given the diagnosis. This book redresses the balance. Those in the cancer fallout zone have a huge part to play in supporting the cancer sufferer – and they are in a better position to do so if they are also considering their own needs. In ‘Their Cancer – Your Journey’ they are given centre stage, not relegated to the wings.

In Their Cancer - Your Journey you have found a place of shelter in the fallout zone, a carers respite. You’ve reached a place to find the information you need, a place to join a community of others on similar journeys to yours, a place where you can learn how to deal with the feelings, where you can find advice, and where you can find resources to support you as you travel.

"Statistics tell us that one out of three people will be affected by cancer in their lifetime. This leads us to wonder at the countless nearest and dearest who also have to cope with this diagnosis. Anne Orchard's book is informative, encouraging and uplifting. Guiding you in ways to strengthen your courage and help loved ones cope with this most difficult of journeys. Should you be travelling on this journey, there is no better road map than Anne Orchard's book." Glennyce S Echersley, Author, Angels Believe and Receive

Take the Journey

‘Their Cancer – Your Journey’ looks upon a diagnosis of cancer as the beginning of a journey – one that has been forced upon the reader. This book supports them in adapting to the shock of diagnosis, and gives perspective on the situation in which they find themselves. ‘Their Cancer – Your Journey’ addresses ways to gain information and advises on practical issues that may arise as part of the illness or the treatment. It shows the reader ways to process and release the strong emotions that arise during their journey. They will be able to build a stronger foundation for their new life when their loved one recovers – and find comfort and coping strategies if the outcome is bereavement. The reader is also invited to make sense of their experience by creating something positive in their lives – finding their own sense of purpose.

Their Cancer Your Journey - A guide for anyone who has family or friends with cancer

Isn't this all just common sense? Why do I need your book?

The biggest thing that I've noticed about common sense, is that it really isn't that common at all! I know what it is like to support a loved one with cancer, and the pain that it brings. Having lost my mother I have taken my own journey over many years and have come to a place of peace. I now write from that place to offer support to people like you.

"This will prove an invaluable book with sensible advice for people who are in the midst of their worst nightmare."
Tricia Stewart, Author, Calendar Girl (The original WI Calendar Girl)

Okay, I like the sound of that - but what is it going to cost me?

What would you pay to feel empowered, to feel that you can get through this difficult time, to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that you are relaxed, stress free and in control of the situation? Many people would pay a lot of money for this knowledge. Some people would take years over it and go through counselling to get there. And maybe they would feel better at the end of all that time and effort.

Buying this book is an investment. Who knows what you can achieve with what you learn.





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